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18 Dog Breeds You Never Knew You Needed

1. The conqueror Brabanpug (Petit Brabancon & Pug).


2. This whispy Dachi (Chihuahua & Dachshund).


3. Meet the Shepspitz (Australian Shepherd & German Spitz).


4. This elegant Bortriever (Border Collie & Retriever).


5. This fuzzy Poodlelier (Poodle & Wheaten Terrier).


6. This lil tough guy Bullpug (French Bulldog & Pug).


7. This happy doggo who is a Pugsua (Pug & Chihuahua).


8. Who knew Corgis could be improved. Introducing the Golden Corgiver (Golden Retreiver & Corgi).


9. This Golden Bull who is just trying to steal your heart (Golden Retriever & Pit Bull).


10. This Chowba who loves to smile (Chow-Chow & Shiba Inu).


11. Ice blue eyes, and a fluffy golden coat! Must be a Huskiever (Husky & Golden Retriever).


12. I don't know about you, but isn't this a fox? Meet the Spitzky (Spitz & Husky).


13. This Shepherd-Chow we are sure is just a bear (German Shepherd & Chow-Chow).


14. Look at those short lil' baby legs on this Golden Wiener (Golden Retreiver & Dachshund).

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15. This unique Chiphalene (Chihuahua & Phalene).


16. This baby Beagi (Beagle & Corgi).


17. This wide-eyed Husgi (Husky & Corgi).


18. This gorgeous Hullie (Husky & Collie).