Pet Products that Save Our Planet!

by Particular Paws on April 20, 2017

Use this, not that! - Pet Products that Save Our Planet!

National Environmental Education Week (EE Week) promotes the understanding and protection of the natural world. In honor of this day, we want to talk about environmentally friendly pet products.

You may think the products you’re using for your pet are environmentally friendly, but you may be surprised. A lot of toys are made from synthetic materials, shampoos can be full of chemicals, even some food and treats are full of meat byproduct or filler ingredients. It’s hard to believe manufactures would even think about making pet products out of such nasty materials, let alone sell them! Don’t worry, there are plenty of environmentally friendly options to choose from so you’re not limited to just the sketchy ones.

Organic Food

The benefits of putting your pet on an organic diet are much greater than spending money on commercial foods. Pet foods are regulated by the FDA, but as long as the ingredient is “edible” then they say it’s okay to sell. Which is crazy, and why organic food is a healthier choice. Your pet will be improving their overall health and well-being by eating an organic diet. For example, your pet’s coat will start looking healthier, they will have more energy, and their breath will even improve. There are also no chemicals, dyes and preservatives in an organic diet – things that vets are starting to link to serious diseases like cancer.

Depending on what type of food you buy your pet, wet or dry, there are plenty to choose from.

  • Wellness Super 5 Mix. This dry food comes in ten different varieties. I know, right? Why ten different varieties? Well, there’s a special formula for puppies, one for active lifestyles, one for weight control, and more. The primary ingredient for this mix is whole meat sources, but also includes a variety of vegetables and fruit.
  • Halo Spot’s Stew. This wet food contains all natural ingredients with no added preservatives. It also comes in a variety of flavors like chicken, lamb, salmon, and beef flavors.

If you’re looking for something a little different, you could also do a raw diet. Cooking your pet’s diet yourself can be beneficial because you’ll know what you’re putting in their bodies. Only thing is, it’s tricky to get the correct nutritional balance right, so make sure to have a chat with your vet about your pet’s specific nutrition needs before becoming a stand in pet chef.


Treats are the best way to reward our pets for doing something that involved good behavior. The thing is, commercial brands aren’t good for our pets because they contain a lot of fat, sugars, and artificial flavors. Instead, why not try organic treats that contain better meat sources, plus they even contain fruits and vegetables.

  • Get Naked Chews. These chewy sticks come in several varieties including one for puppies and one for weight management.
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct. These biscuits are 100% grain free, which is great for pups with allergies to ingredients like oats and rice. They have no added chemicals or preservatives, plus meat is also the primary ingredient and the biscuits come in a variety of different flavors.
  • Anxiety Relief for Dogs Calming Aid Treats. & Cat Calming Aid. These treats, provided by yours truly, Particular Paws, not only taste great but will help with your dog’s stress and anxiety levels. We use all natural herbs and ingredients straight from Mother Nature, to give your pet a soothing feeling of relaxation. It’s like a warm cup of chamomile tea in a delicious treat form that pets will love and you will too!

Another option for a yummy, rewarding pet treat is making them yourself. Homemade treats are healthier for your pet and they are fun to make, since you are making the treats purely out of love. Here’s a homemade recipe that we think your pet will dog will love: Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats. Not much of a chef? Why not try something simple like a fruit or vegetable? It may surprise you, but some dogs and cats really like the taste of bananas, apples (just remove the seeds first), even raw sweet potatoes.


Having toys around the house can keep your pet entertained and engaged. Most commercial toys are made of rubber, plastic, and synthetic cloths – none of these are gentle on the environment. However, there are eco-friendly toys that are made of recycled or sustainable materials. You may not think these toys will hold up for very long, but you’ll be surprised with how durable and long lasting they actually are.

Tux. The Tux is an eco-friendly toy that your pup will love. You can even stuff little treats in the middle of the toy, and it will bounce or roll around the room to keep you dog on the move. What’s awesome about this eco-friendly toy is that it’s dishwasher safe. No more dirty, slobbery toys laying on your floor!

Hemp Ropes. Does your dog like to play tug of war with you? This rope toy would be perfect for them! It’s made from hemp, which is a sustainable material and better for the environment. Hemp is also a stronger material than synthetic materials and can hold up against even strong jawed, large breed dogs.


Pet Products That Save The PlanetBathing your pet is supposed to make their coat shiny and soft, but a lot of traditional shampoos contain harsh chemicals that have potential to cause allergic reactions or irritate the skin. Not only do harsh chemicals cause harm to your pet, but they also get down the drain of the tub and can pollute water streams. However, there are shampoos that use all natural ingredients which are better for your pet and the environment.

Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs & Cats. Particular Paws actually makes a couple different shampoos that have all natural ingredients. Oatmeal has been the #1 at-home treatment for itchy skin caused by allergies and even poison ivy, which is why oats are the main ingredient in our pet shampoo. This one soothes dry, itchy skin, and will give your furry friend a thick, healthy coat. We also have a hypoallergenic shampoo for those pets that are allergic to just about everything, including grains like oats, which is also made of purely natural elements.

Pal Dog Shampoo. This shampoo uses essential oils to clean your pup’s coat and skin. Fortunately, the shampoo doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, and it comes in different scents that will be a nice change of pace compared to the standard doggie smell.

How do they affect the planet?

These chemicals and toxic ingredients found in pet products can affect nature in many ways. Even if you empty the product container, there is always a little bit of substance left over inside. Therefore, when these containers are thrown away or put in landfills, the chemicals are then absorbed in the ground when they decompose.

When your pet’s food is going through the manufacturing process, the chemicals are being released into the air. What’s even worse is that when the product does its damage inside your pet, the harmful elements are then released into the environment when your pet relieves themselves.

When you’re washing your pet in your tub, or even outside, the chemicals run with the water down the drain, or in the soil. Even if you are not near a water source, this can pollute water supply during the earth’s natural precipitation process and don’t forget about the globe’s water supply running underneath the grounds surface.

Even if you’re using a pet product in a spray from you might not think they have any harm to the environment, but they most certainly do. Once you spray, product fumes enter the air and it’s even possible to contaminate the air just by opening the container.

How do eco-friendly products save the planet?

Eco-friendly products contain no chemicals or other toxic ingredients. Therefore, they cannot contaminate the air, the soil, or pollute the water.

What can you do?

It’s important to know what ingredients are in the products you’re using and how they’re affecting the planet. If the pet products you’re using contain chemicals or other harsh ingredients, maybe it’s time to make a change. Buying natural pet products will not only increase the health of your pet, but also the environment.

All of our products from Particular Paws, are created from naturally sourced ingredients and since we know, firsthand what toxic ingredients can do to a pet, we wouldn’t dream of including no harsh chemicals. We have a wide variety of products from shampoo to treats that you can find through Amazon or on our website, Particular Paws.

Pet products may be affecting our environment, but all it takes is one simple to step, and one person to make a difference. Let that one person be you! Don’t use that toxic garbage, use pet products that save our planet, and make your pet healthier and happier!

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