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Taking Animal Kindness Above and Beyond! – Be Kind to Animals Week 2017

by Particular Paws on May 08, 2017


Be Kind to Animals Week takes place every year during the first full week of May. However, it’s not just for domestic animals, it a week dedicated to caring for all animals, including wildlife. This week has been sponsored since 1915 by the American Humane Society. On the American Humane Society’s website, they’ve provided information on taking a Kindness Pledge and not only building a better world for animals this week, but all year long!

Their Kindness Pledge consists of 4 things that will help animals live a better life:

  • Buying Humanely Raised Products
    • Seeking out meat, eggs, and dairy products that are humanely raised (none factory sourced) can help protect the health of roughly 10 billion farm animals.
  • Protecting Earth’s Animals
    • Educating yourself on conservation efforts can greatly help animals live a better life. Visiting Humane Certified zoos, aquariums, and conservation efforts can help you learn how to protect wild animals.
  • Protecting Animal Actors
    • Unfortunately, not all animal actors that we see in movies and TV shows are treated with the proper care they deserve. That is why the American Humane created a, “No Animals Were Harmed,” end credit to let the public know that no animals were harmed in the creation of that feature.
  • Adopting from an Animal Shelter
    • If you’re looking for an animal friend, adopt or rescue a pet from an animal shelter. You’ll be saving one of the millions of animals who end up with no loving home each year.

Be Kind to Animals WeekWhat an incredible group! Thousands of people across the globe dedicating their time or even their lives, to insuring the humane treatment of animals everywhere. Let’s join the movement and find ways to be kind to animals in our own lives. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week and they are quite simple.

  • Take Care of Your Pet
  • Appreciate Wildlife
    • Set up a bird house, filled with bird food in it to help create an inviting space for the flying, feathered friends in your area. Plant flowers around your home to help bring wildlife, like butterflies and hummingbirds, to you. There are many ways you can turn your yard into a place that wildlife will love, but make sure you check out these Dos and don’ts.
  • Report Animal Abuse
    • If you see, or even hear, something that seems suspicious then don’t hesitate to call animal control or let the authorities know. It’s better to know for sure if the animal is being treated right. Not sure how to go about reporting animal abuse? Here are some tips.
  • Attend a Scheduled Event
    • You might be surprised with what events are going on in your area during this animal kindness week. A lot of Humane societies work to educate people on how to care for an animal and what all it takes to help an animal. Going over how to properly care for an animal or pet is an excellent topic to discuss in a classroom.
  • Plan an event in your business, school or in your family
    • Be Kind to Animals Week organization has so many different teaching sheets for parents and teachers. They institute offers sheets starting from Preschool all the way up through 5th Each grade level is different and covers the four areas we talked about above relating to the Kindness Pledge. These sheets will help your students or children learn about how to be kind to animals, and also, they’re tons of fun! If you’re interested you can download them here.

Now that you know what this week is all about and have many different ways you can celebrate, it’s time to get involved! Why don’t you go out to adopt a furry friend, feed the birds or fish, educate yourself on wildlife, and plan a fun event. There’s nothing better than showing your love for animals by treating them like family!

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