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Why Everyone Should Adopt Instead of Buy From Pet Stores

by Particular Paws on April 30, 2017


Extending your family is an important decision that you want to do right, which is why there’s no better place for making an addition to your family than at an animal shelter. Most people think animal shelters are full of animals that aren’t purebred, healthy, or they’re all old. However, that is not the case at all because shelters are full of animals that are healthy, friendly, and just waiting to live in their forever, loving home – don’t rule out the mixed breeds and older pets. If you’re one of the people who still believe that buying from a pet store is the better option, read this article and I bet we can change your mind pretty quickly.

Stop Irresponsible Breeding

Irresponsible breeders, or more well-known as a puppy mill, are only in it for the money they make. They have no care in the world for the well-being of the dogs they take in. The animals in these breeding facilities are kept in tiny, wired cages where they are used to breed repeatedly until their bodies can no longer take it anymore. Sadly, these animals don’t know what love is, and what it feels like to be a part of a family that spoils them rotten.  If you’re thinking the dog will get a forever, loving home when their body wares out and can no longer breed, you’re wrong. Often, these puppy mill animals are left abandoned or euthanized.

You’re probably wondering how irresponsible breeding is connected to pet stores. Well, most pet stores get their pets from irresponsible breeders. Unfortunately, some pet stores have no idea they are actually buying and selling animals from puppy mills. Pet stores usually get their puppies from a shady breeder who offers stock at a discount price but secretly gets their stock from a puppy mill. So, if you’re buying your pets through a pet store, it’s quite possible that you could be supporting puppy mills.

Although the pet store buys the puppies at a low price, these animals are sold out of the pet store for top dollar because they are considered pure bred “quality” pets. Once this “quality” pet is brought home, the owners soon find out multiple health problems that aren’t curable. Therefore, that animal will be put down, the owners will want to replace the pet, and the entire process begins again.

Save A Life

Animal shelters are running out of room every day because they receive new animals on the daily. This means that more animals need to be adopted to make room in the shelters for more animals to come through. Animals that have been in the shelter for a while, or if they’re less likely to get adopted, are often euthanized because animal shelters simply don’t have enough room to take in every animal. According to the Humane Society of America, on average there are 2.7 million cats and dogs being euthanized every year who would have made a great addition to any family. Adopting from your local animal shelter or humane society could save a life, and not only put a smile on your new pet’s face, but also yours.

Adoption Animals Are Healthy Animals

National Adop a Shelter Pet DayLike we mentioned above, most people think animals from animal shelters aren’t healthy and will have a lot of problems. However, it’s actually the complete opposite because most shelters have a veterinarian on their staff to help keep their shelter dogs healthy. Shelter animals receive yearly examinations, they’re vaccinated, neutered and fed a healthy meal. Thankfully, you’ll be adopting an animal that is healthy and all you’ll have to do is just shower them with love.

Adoption Animals are NOT Bad Animals

It’s extremely common for people to think shelter animals are misbehaved and just bad animals. Actually, the number one reason why animals are being put in shelters is because of bad ownership, not because they’re misbehaving. The most common reasons why an animal is put in a shelter is because of animal abuse, moving, financial problems, abandonment, or divorce. You could be giving an animal a second chance at a life full of hugs and kisses if you adopt from the shelter.

Adopting a pet will probably be the kindest and best thing you could ever do. Make a stop at your local animal shelter today and find yourself a new furry friend. Most shelters will help you find the right pet suited for your lifestyle. There’s always a pet in a shelter that is perfect for you and your family. Always make sure to ask for your new pal’s health records, along with the background story, just to make it an easier transition for the both of you. Don’t forget to share this article to help stop irresponsible breeders and help a shelter animal find a new, loving home.

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