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You'll Be Surprised With What All Goes Into Your Pet Emergency Kit

by Particular Paws on May 13, 2017


Are you prepared to help your pet when it comes to a natural disaster? Whether you think it’s likely or not, it’s still possible that a tornado, flood, or even a fire could happen and make you evacuate your own home. That’s why it’s important to prepare an emergency kit, not only for you and your kids, but also for your pets. Not sure what to put in your kit? Here are ten things that are a must for your pet’s emergency kit.

  1. Pet Food

This is probably one you already knew, but it is obviously extremely important. Now, you don’t need to pack a ton of food, just a few bags of pet food will help hold your furry friend over until you can make it to a store or get a little help.

  1. Bottled Water

Just like us, your pet can get dehydrated, especially in high stress emergency situations. It’s good to pack a few water bottles with you so your pet has something to drink. Another good idea is to pack a tiny bowl so you can poor a little water in it, and if your pet doesn’t drink it all you can always dump it back in the water bottle to save as much as you can. Collapsible pet bowls are perfect for these types of situations, as they store easily and can be re-used as often as you would like.

  1. Medications

If your dog is on any medications, you should pack a small dose of it in your emergency kit. It’s important to not skip out on their medications, especially if you are treating your four-legged friend for something serious. We recommend keeping the pills in the bottle they came in, just in case you need a re-fill and the prescription was lost in the emergency.  If your pet’s medications don’t come in a prescription bottle, always keep them in a waterproof container so they don’t get ruined.

  1. Veterinary Records

You definitely don’t want these to get ruined in a tornado, fire, or flood! Just like medications, it’s important to keep an up-to-date copy of your pet’s medical records with you in your pet emergency kit, placed in a waterproof container to prevent damaging the documents.

  1. Cat Litter & Pan

Don’t forget to bring a little scooper, as well as, garbage bags with the cat litter and pan. You’re going to want to come prepared and have all the items ready for your pet’s potty needs, so it’s not a drastic pain when the time comes.

  1. Manual can opener

Does your pet only eat canned food? Well, if they do, you should pack a manual can opener so you’re not struggling on trying to get it open. The more you come prepared, the easier things will be during the time of an emergency.

  1. Food dishes

Like mentioned above, it’s a good idea to bring a couple of bowls for each pet. One bowl should be designated for water and one for food. Your pet needs something to eat and drink out of, so don’t forget these important items.

  1. First aid kit and other supplies

Packing a first aid kit for your pet is a good way to get a lot of essential items in one little container. Don’t forget to add bandages, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, tape, gloves, and tweezers in case they’re not included in the first aid kit. You’re basically packing the same first aid kit you would pack for a human, but with your pet in mind.

  1. Current photos of your pet

In the unfortunate scenario where you and your pet get separated, it’s a good idea to keep current photos of them in your emergency kit. A pet portrait will help other people identify them and bring them back safe to you. A photo of your cat or dog also clears up any question of proof that the pet is indeed yours.

  1. Written information about your pets

National Animal Disaster Preparedness DayIn case you have to board your pet for a few days until you and your family can get situated again, it’s a good idea to write down important information about your pet. For example; write down what your pets’ feeding schedules are, what medical conditions they have and any behavioral issues they may have. Don’t forget to add the name and number of your veterinarian in case of an emergency!

All of these things are important in helping your pet through a natural disaster. So, now that you’re thinking about it, why not just go and pack them a little emergency kit right now. You never know when a natural disaster could strike, so when it does happen you’ll be prepared!

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