Raising a Paw For All Our Vets!

by Particular Paws on April 29, 2017


Whether you have a horse, a dog, a cat, or even a rabbit, all of us animal lovers can recognize that all vets are extremely important in keeping our loving animals healthy. Veterinarians do fantastic work that everyone can agree on. They show our pets love, kindness, and help them live a long, healthy life.

In 2000, World Veterinary Day was created by the World Veterinary Association to focus and support all the hard work that veterinarians do around the world. Every year a different theme is chosen to bring awareness to pet owners about various forms of caring for an animal, and how all of our wonderful vets can help.

Your veterinarian is truly dedicated to making sure your pet stays happy and healthy. The best way your vet can do this is by teaching you how to be the best pet owner possible, which is why WVD raises awareness for one specific pet problem each and every year. For 2017, the veterinary Association has deemed this year’s theme of antimicrobial resistance.

World Vet DayLeave it to a vet to give us a medical, scientific termed theme, right? Don't worry, that's why you have the Particular Paws experts to guide you through it! So, lets break it down... you've heard of antibiotics, right? Maybe your doctor gave them to you when you had Strep. throat or a skin infection? Well, the "bugs" that cause infections are referred to as microbial because they are micro-, we cannot actually see them without a microscope. So, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites all fall under this broad category of microbial organisms. Anti-microbial refers to the medicines we use to treat these microbial infections, so drugs like antibiotics, anti-parasitical medications, fungicides and antiviral drugs fall into this category.  When we are taking about a resistance of an antimicrobial, the veterinarian is trying to say that the medication no longer works to kill the microbial bugs that are infecting your cat or dog.

Why does this happen?

Fungus, bacteria, viruses and parasites are living organisms, which is why many people call them "bugs." Like any living thing, microorganisms have the ability to adapt to their surroundings and mutate, in order to survive. Mother nature gave every being on earth the tools to survive and thrive, which includes life-threatening, infectious organisms. So, yea...thanks a lot mother nature!

What do vets want you to know?

The reason these microorganisms are mutating is because pet owners are over using medications to treat infections, when the pet doesn't actually have that type of infection. Without a proper veterinary diagnosis, pet owners grab an antibiotic off the shelf and start treating their pet for bacteria, when in fact the cat/dog has a viral infection.

Think of this process like a basketball team, if the team is hit by the same tactics over and over again, they are going to strategize and improve their defense. Just like the basketball team, the microorganisms have had time to strategize and learn their opponent's weakness, becoming what the WHO calls a "superbug."

On this national day, vets want to remind us pet owners to not over use prescription drugs, always see your vet if your pet is sick, and ask any questions about your pet that might concern you. It’s better to always be cautious and raise a hand if something seems out of the ordinary. That’s what vets are for; to care, love, and help your pets live a long healthy life. So, let’s all take some time today to recognize all the vets who help our animals, and give them a big thanks for everything they do!

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