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Top 6 Natural Ingredients to Fight Canine Anxiety

by Particular Paws on July 16, 2020

As humans, stress is one word we know all too well. Although they might not be stressed out by that big work report that’s due Monday, our dogs suffer through feelings of stress just as much as we do. Getting left alone at home, traveling, trips to the vet, and especially thunderstorms, can send a dog’s heart racing with anxiety. 

Your veterinarian can help your stressed-out anxious pup with medications, but you may want to take a walk on the mild side first. (Speaking of the vet, make sure to always discuss new adjustments in your dog’s diet with the doc first, just to be on the safe side). 


#1 Valerian 

Valerian is a type of herbal root, commonly found in sleepy time teas widely used by the human population, but is also known for its anti-anxiety capabilities. You can buy Valerian in its dried, natural form or in an easy to use capsule. Wrap it up in one of your pooches’ favorite treats before an anxious situation or periodically for those pups that are overly excitable. 


#2 Melatonin

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that your pet’s body makes when he sleeps. Introducing this relaxing hormone during day time can help your furry friend feel at ease during times of high stress. 

We find melatonin to be especially helpful for those dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, as the feeling of Zen can last roughly eight hours. Just be sure to give your pup just the right amount of Melatonin and don’t share your human-made product. Instead, try a melatonin supplement specially formulated with just the right amount for dogs, like in our Dog Calming Aid.


#3 Lavender

 Since the large majority of bath products contain lavender, you probably already knew that the smell of lavender relaxes the body and mind. That pretty purple, sweet-smelling flower has the same calming effects on our four-legged friends as it does on us two-legged creatures.

When the lavender scent is breathed in, it triggers the body’s stress hormone known as cortisol, without sedation. Lavender CANNOT be ingested, only applied on the skin. That being said, you can safely introduce the calming effects of lavender in topical oil form.


#4 Passionflower

Passionflower has been widely used in human medicine since the 1500s for sedation and sleep apnea. Studies have shown that passionflower works by lowering brain activity while boosting levels of the feel-good chemical known as GABA. The use of passionflower is just as effective as using a benzodiazepine medication, such as Xanax or Valium, in treating anxiety. 

However, this herbal alternative does not have a strong sedative effect like other herbs, so it’s perfect for extremely anxious dogs. That’s why we like to include passionflower into our yummy, anti-anxiety soft chews. 


#5 Lemon Balm

Despite its name, lemon balm is actually a member of the mint family, not the citrus fruit. Used since the middle ages, this sedative herb has effectively treated cases of insomnia, indigestion, and stress. 


#6 Chamomile

Chamomile is probably the most well-known herbal agent to soothe the nerves and help you to sleep. In the human world, this white, springlike flower is steeped into a light tea and ingested to aid in insomnia, stomach, and digestive distress. You could give your pooch the same soothing relief by adding the tea to his water dish or try out an easy to administer chewable that contains chamomile.  


Nature-Made Anxiety Relief

Each and every one of the ingredients listed above is 100% made by Mother Nature herself, but that doesn’t mean you have to search the earth just to find them. You can actually find the majority of these all-natural, canine anxiety and stress relief ingredients in our Particular Paws Calming Aids

Formulated to relieve stress, anxiety, hyperactivity, and nervousness in your dog. It's the perfect solution to aid your pooch in any routine change, visits to the veterinarian, during thunderstorms and traveling.


Safe & Gentle for Your Pet

Our Calming Aids contain the highest quality of ingredients, derived straight from nature for optimal results - plus dogs love the flavor! Safe and gentle enough to use daily, yet a strong supplement that will work effectively in times of extreme stress.

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