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10 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

by Particular Paws on April 11, 2017  in 


National Pet Day is here! It’s time to show your pet some extra love and spoil them endlessly. National Pet Day was founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige - a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, as well as, an Animal Welfare Advocate. She dedicated this day to celebrating the happiness and joy pets bring to our lives on a daily basis. National pet day isn’t just celebrating the pets at home, but dogs and cats everywhere. This day was also founded to created public awareness for all the different animals awaiting a forever home in shelters and rescues around the world. Adopt don’t shop!

So, without further ado, here are 10 ways for you to celebrate National Pet Day:

  1. Pamper your pet. Did you know you can pamper your pet by booking them a day at the spa? Yes, there are spas for your pet. Crazy, right? Some pet spas include a pool, a private massage room, and long baths for your pet. Sounds like our kind of spa!
  1. Make some yummy, homemade treats. Just like you, your pet deserves some homemade treats every once in a while. So, why not make them on one of their special days? There are countless options for homemade pet treats. Some of the most common treats are pet cookies, dog biscuits, and dog bones. They sound like normal treats, but once you add in different petlicious flavors, your furry friend will love you forever and keep begging for more!
  1. Donate toys or food to a local shelter, or become a volunteer. Don’t have a pet? Don’t fret! You can still celebrate by donating toys, food, and other items to a local animal You can also volunteer a few hours of your time. Shelters are always looking for more people to help keep their shelter’s running, give their pets the love and attention they deserve, while they wait to become adopted. You’ll be amazed at just how good it feels to volunteer at a pet facility. You’ll get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside when you volunteer – especially from our fuzzy, furry pets.
  1. Take your dog to the park. Let your pup socialize and roam with other dogs. Interacting with other dogs and people isn’t just fun for your four legged friends, but is a learning experience. Dogs that regularly meet new pets and people are better behaved, diminishing behavioral problems like aggression or separation anxiety. What an easy and fun way to teach your dog good habits, plus your pup will feel like he’s being spoiled. Your pup will happily have his tongue out the entire time while playing with his other canine friends. Don’t forget to bring toys for your dog to play with to give him a little one-on-one playtime with you. Bring a frisbee, a tennis ball, or a rope he can tug on with you. He’ll enjoy every second of it!
    1. Split a meal. Lady and the Tramp meal with your dog, anyone? No, we don’t mean split the dog food between you and your pup. There are plenty of doggie friendly restaurants that will let you sit on their patio. So, why not split a meal you will both love and enjoy the, hopefully, nice weather.
National Pet Day
  1. Have a photo shoot. What’s more perfect than having photos of your pet all around your home? Plus, as your pet grows older, these pictures will mean the world to you as you recall every wonderful passing year with your best four-legged friend. The more photos you have the better, so call up a friend or hire a photographer. Take a ridiculously wonderful amount of pictures that you can share all over your Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, or proudly display your pet portraits around the house.
  1. Show some extra love. You’re the only person who knows how to show your pet you care. Whether that’s extra cuddles, longer belly rubs, playing outside together, or simply watching a movie together, showing some extra love to your pet is one of the best ways to celebrate National Pet Day.
  1. Bring your pet home a new toy… or two. Nothing makes your dog’s tail wag faster than bringing him home a new toy… or two. I mean, why not spoil him on this special day? Whether it’s a squeaky toy or a chewy toy, your pet will be jumping on all fours.


  1.   Adopt a furry friend, or make an addition to your furry family. There’s never a better time to adopt another furry friend. Or, if you don’t currently have a pup or kitty cat, this is the perfect time to adopt one! Everyone needs some joy and entertainment in their life, and a pet will do just that. Plus, if you have one furry friend, he is going to need a friend, right?
  1. Take your pet on an adventure. Is your pet big on the outdoors? Take them on a long hike, or go for a swim in a local lake or river. Spoil them with outdoor adventures, exposing your dog or cat to new smells to sniff and sights to see. Even if your pet just likes car rides so he can stick his head out the window, that’s always an option as well!

So, take your pet out to a park, bring home some new toys, or just cuddle up and watch a movie together. Whatever you choose either way, show them some extra love today. Oh, and don’t forget to give them an extra hug from all of us here at Particular Paws! Happy National Pet Day!

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