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11 Dogs Who Wish They Were Bears.

1. This fluffy bear wanna-be who also looks like a cinnamon donut.


2. Be honest, you'd wish this trickster would tackle you!


3. This "bear" who may just be the fattest and fluffiest creature in this universe.


4. And this polar bear cub posing as a pupper.


5. This winking, adorable, mushy baby bear.


6. These muddy floofs who are trying to hide their polar fur.


7. Hibernation is the only thing on this little polar bear's mind.


8. This gentle giant who gives bears a new name.


9. Well.. maybe it's just the fur that makes them look grizzly.

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10. Hard to believe there is anything under that pile of floof.


11. Or this tough guy casually showing you he can get you with his powerful bear-like jaws.

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