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This Brave Pooch Found A Koala And The Internet Can't Take It!

by Particular Paws on November 18, 2016

Elize Strydom is a photographer living in Sydney. She was house sitting for her mother while she watched her Malshi(Maltese/Shih Tzu mix) pup, Gemma.

Elize Strydom

Elize Strydom

Elize told an interviewer that her mother lives in a rural town in Australia. Kangaroos are also common in the area, with them being seen "hopping around every day". Thankfully Gemma isn't as soft on the inside as she appears on the outside. Gemma is ontop of guarding her home according to Eliza. "She goes crazy if someone she doesn't know comes to the door or if she can smell or hear another dogs walking by the house," she said.

Gemma's barking that night made Eliza fear there was an intruder or someone around the house. Thankfully she got the most adorable surprise you could ask for.


"When Gemma the dog started barking I thought someone was trying to break in for sure," Elize said to the interviewer. "I crept out of bed, heart racing, and gingerly pulled the curtian aside to get a glimpse outside. I did a double take when I spotted the little koala."


Elize was sure the koala would run once she was outside, but the little cutie just waited to get close enough to say "Hi!"


Elize wanted to get close enough to see if the little guy was hurt, but thankfully he was just calm and wanted to hang out. She did say she searched for the koala later the next morning but found no trace. She contacted koalatracker.com.au after the incident.

Elize decided to share her expierence on twitter, not realizing how quick the story would get around. The internet instantly fell in love with the "intruder".


It's 3am and the dog is barking like mad. I pluck up the courage to investigate...and find this little mate! pic.twitter.com/NyFRjSpJny

— Elize Strydom (@elizestrydom) October 22, 2016" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-24" />


The internet just couldn't contain their love!


Now the only question left is, how do we get our own backyard koalas?


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