December 13, 2016 1 min read

1. Yes, of course, I'll tell you a bedtime story as you sit like a human.


2. Why do you look so shocked, you are the one pretending to be human.


3. I don't know whether to run or try to pet the belly.


4. "I too like to sit bent at a 90 degree angle"


5. Excuse me, you are a CAT.


6. There's no reason to stay like that!


7. No, I am not a human throne.


8. Hmm, maybe we all just sit like cats.


9. Cat, why are you impersonating a human?


10. Confused as to why you must sit this way.


11. Please, let's not freak out the guests today.


12. You're in my spot, sitting like a weirdo no less.


13. When the night finally catches up with you.


14. Are you sitting like a human, or are you stuck poor floof?


15. No, I promise, I'm not looking at other kitties, no need to sit on me.


16. How can this be comfy sweet kitty?


17. Did I get punked for my seat?


18. Is that really how you want to sit?


19. What kind of cat sits like this?


20. Looking out the window as if you have a rough life.