Anti Chew Bitter Spray for Dogs


Our anti chew spray is a gentle, fast training aid that will deter your puppy’s natural instincts of chewing on things he shouldn’t. Purified water, bitters principles, and just a hint of tea tree oil are all it takes to keep your dog from chewing up your favorite possessions.

Works all around the house or yard, and is safe to use on any household materials. Effectively helps your dog learn good habits and to not get into anything potentially dangerous.

Anti Chew Bitter Spray

Better Than Other Bitter Sprays!

  • All-Natural Spray.
  • Safest Anti-Chew Solution on the Market!
  • Stop chewing immediately with natural bitters.
  • Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic to soothe your dogs hot spots.
  • Gentle, fast training aid to help your pup stop chewing.
  • Environmentally friendly & free from harsh chemicals.
  • Safe for use around the entire family and plants!

Anti Chew Bitter Spray

Immediate, Effective & Versatile Anti-Chew Power

  • Associate unpleasant taste with chewing inappropriate items.
  • Self-manipulation, excessive licking and hot spots are in the past!
  • Spray all around your home and yard.
  • Protect from household dangers like electric cords and poisons.
  • Gently, but clearly, detours dogs from chewing where applied.
  • Great teaching tool for young puppies!

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