Dog Calming Aid

Our all natural dog calming aid is better a remedy for anxiety or nervous behaviors than medication. Natural ingredients like Melatonin and L Thiamine right from mother nature will help your canine stay calm and comfortable during times of high stress or anxiety.
Whether you are making a new addition to your family, introducing a new pet, expecting company to your home, or have had a change in your work schedule, Particular Paws Dog Calming Aid is here to help and your dog will think they are Treats!

Dog Calming Aid

Not Your Average Calming Aid

  • Unlike any other calming supplement on the market!
  • Prevents neuron stimulation, which promotes a soothing feelings.
  • No need for life-threatening sedatives and tranquilizers.
  • Best anti-stress herbs and organic ingredients that Mother Nature could provide.
  • Passion flower, hops flower, and St. John’s extract to promote a calm dog.

Dog Calming Aid

Watch Your Dog’s Anxiety & Fear Disappear!

  • Our all-natural calming aid helps your dog stay calm and comfortable during times of stress.
  • Changes in your dog’s daily routine cause stress and anxiety.
  • Introducing a new pet to their new home and family.
  • Perfect for travel!
  • Excellent grooming aid!
  • Works for all dogs no matter the age, breed, or condition.

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