Dry Waterless Shampoo

Quickly spruce up your dog’s look without the need for a wet bath.

No Sticky After Residue.

Hearing “Your Dog Stinky Pretty”, is much more fun! Our Waterless Shampoo is the easy solution for you!

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Dry Waterless Shampoo for Dogs

Instant No Water Bath!

  • Contains coconut extract as a gentle cleaning agent.
  • Unique formula absorbs the excess oil, grease and dirt.
  • Safe for sensitive skin, also during flea and tick treatments.
  • For all dog breeds, hair texture, length or type.

Dry Waterless Shampoo for Dogs

Shampoo Clean!

  • A quick, easy solution for between baths!
  • Get that "just washed" look and smell.
  • Deodorizes, Conditions and moisturizes!
  • You can literally take bath time anywhere!