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Four Steps On How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing With Anti-Chew Spray

Stop chewing with anti-chew spray

Four Steps for Stopping Chewing With an Anti-Chew Spray for Dogs

Many owners want their dogs to stop chewing altogether. Some fail to realize the act is actually something dogs have a natural instinct to do. The act of chewing should not be stopped. Instead, there are training aids available that teach dogs which items are okay to chew, and which are not. An anti-chew spray is one option. There are four steps to follow that help this spray work well for dogs.

Choose The Right Spray

The first step in the process is to choose the right spray for your dog. Some sprays have a decent smell that is actually attractive to pets. It won’t help deter them like it is meant to. The right spray should smell decent to you, but be repulsive to a dog. This ensures he stays away from it and the item it is sprayed on.

Spray It Directly On The Item While The Dog Is Chewing

You should not put the spray anywhere within the home. Instead, spray it directly onto any item the dog seems keen on chewing. Spray it while he is in the middle of chewing to ensure he experiences the taste as intended. This will make the dog associate that particular item with the taste from the spray. The spray may go directly in the dog’s mouth. Owners just need to be careful to avoid the eyes.

Reapply Often

Some dog owners believe they can use one spray application and their problems will be solved. This is not the case. You need to reapply the spray often so the dog continues to get the same bad taste every time an attempt is made to chew. It is best to spray at least twice a day, once in the morning, and another time before bed. A single spray application typically lasts up to several hours.

Provide Chew Toys

stop chewing with anti-chew sprayDue to their natural instincts to chew on things, dogs will not completely stop chewing just because of a spray. They may eventually continue their chewing habits even with the spray in place if they are not given another outlet. Chew toys are necessary objects for every dog to have. With other items in the home sprayed, the dog will come to learn that only his chew toys are safe to gnaw on. It is ideal to have multiple chew toy options so the dog has alternative selections based on what he is looking for. A variety of soft toys and harder ones, as well as those with different textures, are ideal.

An anti-chew spray is a valid option for dog training. It helps show dogs which objects are unsafe to chew, while the provided chew toys are available for their convenience. By following these four steps, an owner will stop their dog from chewing on valuables and other important belongings within the home. While away, owners should also keep their dogs in crates so they do not have full access to the home and the objects within it.