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Cat Calming Aid

Cat calming aid
Calming aid for cats
Cat calm
stress relief for cats
Anxiety relief for cats
best cat calming aid
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  • Great for loud noises like fireworks, construction, roadwork, and situations that can cause stress.
  • Chamomile helps with motion sickness and motion-related anxiety.
  • Calcium and Magnesium enhance sleep quality and minimize stress.
  • Promotes efficient function of natural feline hormones.

Our All Natural Cat Calming Aid, drug free calming aid for cats with anxiety or nervous behaviors. Help your cat stay calm and comfortable during times of high stress or anxiety.

Whether you are making a new addition to your family, introducing a new pet, expecting company to your home, or have had a change in your work schedule, Particular Paws Cat Calming Aid is here to help keep your cat calm and content!

Cat Calming Aid

Not Your Average Calming Aid

  • Unlike any other calming supplement on the market!
  • Targets the neuron receptors stimulated during times of stress.
  • Prevents neuron stimulation, which promotes a soothing feeling.
  • Don’t submit your feline to addictive sedatives and tranquilizers.
  • Best anti-stress herbs and ingredients Mother Nature provides.
  • Passion flower, hops flower & St. John’s extract to help calm.

Cat Calming Aid

Watch Your Cat’s Anxiety & Fear Disappear!

  • All-natural calming aid helps your cat stay calm and comfortable.
  • Changes in daily routine can cause stress, fear and anxiety.
  • New addition to your family and to your home?
  • Perfect for traveling with your cat!
  • Excellent grooming aid!
  • Works for all cats no matter the age, breed, or condition.