Dry Waterless Shampoo

Quickly spruce up your dog’s look without the need for a wet bath.

No Sticky After Residue.

Hearing “Your Dog Stinky Pretty”, is much more fun! Our Waterless Shampoo is the easy solution for you!

Dry Waterless Shampoo for Dogs

Instant No Water Bath!

  • Contains coconut extract as a gentle cleaning agent.
  • Unique formula absorbs the excess oil, grease and dirt.
  • Safe for sensitive skin, also during flea and tick treatments.
  • For all dog breeds, hair texture, length or type.

Dry Waterless Shampoo for Dogs

Shampoo Clean!

  • A quick, easy solution for between baths!
  • Get that "just washed" look and smell.
  • Deodorizes, Conditions and moisturizes!
  • You can literally take bath time anywhere!

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