Fresh Breath Oral Care

Is a simple and effective product you can add to your pet’s oral care plan.

Our breath freshener kills the bacteria inside your pet’s mouth, preventing tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth loss, and abscesses.

Your pet won’t be able to get enough of its light peppermint and spearmint flavor!

No more bad pet breath, just a simple aroma of minty freshness! Use after every meal to keep your pet’s oral hygiene at its best.

Fresh Breath Oral Care for Dogs

Healthier Teeth with Every Sip!

  • Each sip means less bacteria in the mouth!
  • Fights plaque and tarter build-up from the teeth.
  • Eliminates bad breath by killing oral bacteria.
  • Strengthens teeth and improves overall oral hygiene.
  • Heals gum tissue at a cellular level.
  • Prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth loss, abscesses and more!

Fresh Breath Oral Care for Dogs

An Aroma of Minty Freshness for Days!

  • No more doggie breath or fishy feline odors.
  • An easy and effective addition to your at-home dental plan.
  • Better vet oral care check-ups.
  • Keeps plaque from building-up, keeping the mouth clean!
  • Kills bad breath causing bacteria.
  • Easy to use! Just pour a few capfuls of the additive to your pet’s water bowl and that’s it!

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