Joint and Hip Treats for Dogs


Don’t let joint pain, stiffness and swelling shorten your pup’s active lifestyle. Do your part in ensuring they’ll have a long, happy life free from pain. These great tasting soft chews not only treat current joint conditions, but can even delay future skeletal issues from developing. The perfect joint and hip supplement to add to any canine health plan!

A glucosamine filled supplement that aids in the healing process of current joint conditions, while delaying or even preventing future issues from developing! Unfortunately, the natural aging process puts almost every dog at risk for mobility problems such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and more.

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Joint and Hip Treats for Dogs

Ingredients In Your Dogs Treats Matter!

  • Keep your dog active with glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM.
  • Glucosamine: Helps by increasing joint lubrication.
  • Chondroitin: Helps joint cartilage and reduce inflammation.
  • MSM: Anti-inflammatory - promotes the growth of healthy tissue.
  • Combat stiffness, lameness, joint pain and more!
  • Treats the cause of pain, rather than masking it.
  • Aids in healing current joint conditions.
  • Prevention from future issues developing!

Joint and Hip Treats for Dogs

Prevent Future Joint Problems!

  • Be proactive! Remember, any dog can develop mobility issues.
  • Stop joint and bone conditions in their tracks.
  • Arthritis, hip dysplasia, patella luxation, or surgery?
  • Give your dog what they need to restore joint health!
  • Slows down the degenerative process inside the joint.
  • Maintains health joints, while delaying any joint problem.
  • Keep your best furry friend active for life!