PreBiotic Water Additive for Dogs & Cats

Is a simple, effective form of dietary fiber that you can easily add to your pet’s health regimen. One of the keys to maintaining the health of your pet is to take strides to support their digestive system.

Natural prebiotics are an important, but often overlooked, supplement to your dog or cat’s diet.

A prebiotic is a form of dietary fiber made from plants and vegetables that nourish the development of good bacteria within your pet’s system.

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Prebiotic Water Additive for Dogs and Cats

Watch Your Pet’s Health Improve Before Your eyes!

  • Contains Aloe Vera, which can help reduce GI track inflammations.
  • Contains Bromelin, aids in the breakdown of tough proteins.
  • Good intestinal health also contributes to fresher breath due to a decrease in stomach acid.
  • Papain, can help protect against bone degeneration.
  • Promotes Healthy Digestion.
  • Helps Reduce Joint Pain.
  • Helps Promote Cartilage Growth.

Prebiotic Water Additive for Dogs and Cats

Simple To Use & Store!

  • NOT affected by temperature or time, so storage is easy.
  • Simply add to your pet’s water bowl whenever you fill it.
  • The specific amount depends on your pet’s weight - about one capful for every 20 pounds.
  • Virtually color-less and odor-free.