Salmon Oil Treats for Dogs


Try our Treats filled with nutrients that help cellular growth, blood pressure regulation, and inflammatory responses. Omega fatty acids are essential for the body to receive in order to maintain a nutrient, healthy diet.

These essential fatty acids help support healthy skin and hair development. Along with maintaining healthy heart and organ health, these chews also deter fleas and ticks. They’re so simple to use and your pup will absolutely love them!

Salmon Oil Treats for Dogs

These Treats Are Essential to Your Pet’s Diet

  • Must have for diet, which is why they are called "essential fatty acids."
  • Fatty acids, the body carry on important functions.
  • These essential acids help support healthy skin and hair.
  • Omega 3: Anti-Inflammatory
  • Omega 6: Helps control allergies
  • Helps maintain a healthy heart!
  • The best and easiest solution for getting the essential nutrients into your pup's diet.

Salmon Oil Treats for Dogs

Fatty Acids That Will Help Your Pet Live a Long, Healthy Life

  • Delicious treat that supports your dog's skin, hair, and heart!
  • You won't find Omega 9 in many other canine skin remedies.
  • Help improve the function of the kidneys, immune system, heart, and brain!
  • You can feed them as treat or mix them in with wet or dry food.
  • Your dog will love the taste!
  • No hassle return policy if you're not satisfied.

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